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You can contact us for information by emailing or using the comment form below. You can also write to;

The Neighbourhood Plan Team

The Guildhall

Lower Fore Street

Saltash, PL12 6JX

 You can also call 01752 844846 

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14 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Dear Saltash Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group,

    I hope this message finds you well.

    Tetlow King Planning are preparing an extensive monitoring report on the progress of Neighbourhood Plans across Local Planning Authorities in the Taunton Deane, Devon and Cornwall sub-region.

    I would be grateful if the Group could provide an update on the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan’s preparation. By getting in touch with local people and groups who contribute towards shaping the plan, the Group’s resources and information are very important in assisting Tetlow King Planning to prepare its Neighbourhood Planning Monitoring Report.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,

    Sean Lewis (MPlan)

    1. Hi Sean. We are now engaged in a wide-ranging community engagement period, following designation in January 2013. We hope to publish our draft Neighbourhood Plan in the new year, after the engagement results have been evaluated and further stakeholder involvement has been carried out.

    1. Hi thanks for the comment. Quite right too! Now that some things have happened, and we will soon move on to actually publishing the Plan, the website will be updated more frequently. Cheers.

    1. Hello Diana, our apologies for the problem. There is an issue with the site security certificate which means that some browsers don’t go to the Plan but put up a safety message instead. You can get around this by clicking on ‘advanced’ and opting to ignore the warning, or if you prefer, send me your email address (to and I can send you a compressed pdf file of the Plan that you can virus check and then open.

      Project Manager

      1. Hi I see you put your email address in the comments form, so I will send the pdf to that address.

        Project Manager

  2. Hi
    Hopefully you can advise me please.
    New Road/North Road (NR/NR) Saltash are specifically mentioned in the Draft Plan as being under threat from the new developments planned.
    Who, if anybody, on your various Groups/Teams/Workshops is representing the residents interests on those 2 Roads??
    Other areas of Saltash that are not affected are represented but so far as I can see no one for NR/NR??
    Many thanks

    1. Hello Rod, membership of the steering group is basically those who took an active interest when it started off and has evolved over time with some leaving and others joining. I would say that the members have the interest of all Saltash at heart, and they were keen to get a policy on New Road/North Road in the NDP, even though detailed highway matters are technically outside the remit of such a Plan. Membership of the steering group is not restricted so if

    2. Continues… is not restricted so if you or another local person would like to come along and ask to be part of the Group I would not anticipate any problems with you joining. It is of course necessary to ‘sign up’ to the rules of the steering group regarding declaring interests and so on. Cheers, Steve

  3. We do need more houses I am 64 and have been on the council list for 7 years I am at the moment 30 in the shortlist the restrictions on council property is so hard I can not bid on any areas in Cornwall if I wish to I get one bid per week I have not been able to bid on a one bedroom property in weeks as there are not any Cornwall Council tell me although I work have to until I am 66 I have to bid on one bedroom property there are not any in Saltash and if they do come up you have to be pension credit need or there is some other rule in place so you tell me there there is no need for more housing in Saltash I feel people who own there property have a lot to say but do not understand other people’s needs.Julia Holmes.

  4. In mid March i spoke to Mark concerning a proposed development at Woodside Fields. Mark said that he would investigate and get back to me. Shortly afterwards the lockdown was imposed.

    Now that the lockdown is being slowly lifted I have been trying to re-establish contact with Mark. However despite repeated attempts, I have been unable to make contact with him through your switchboard, which appears to be blocked.

    Please ask Mark to call me on 07715 420120.

    Many thanks,
    John Falck

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