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The Saltash Neighbourhood Plan must also take into account the new Cornwall Local Plan Allocations DPD which identifies housing and employment land for Saltash. The DPD has been through Public Examination and it is now the Council’s responsibility to publicise the Report and decide whether to adopt the Site Allocations document with the recommended changes in the next few months.

A pre-adoption copy of the Site Allocations DPD contains all recommended modification as set out in the Inspectors Report and its Appendix (Schedule of Main Modifications). Due to the size of the document, it may take a while to download depending on your connection speed.

Site Allocations DPD

The key evidence material of relevance is below:

DPD Public Examination 

Saltash Housing Evidence Base Report

·         Appendix A – Environmental Assessment
·         Appendix B – Accessibility Assessment
·         Appendix C – Landscape Character Assessment Methodology
·         Appendix D – Landscape Character Assessment Results
·         Appendix E – Urban Design Assessment Methodology
·         Appendix F – Urban Design Assessment Results
·         Appendix G – Heat Mapping Results
·         Appendix H – Sustainable Appraisal Tables for Consultation Sites
·         Appendix I – Sustainable Appraisal Tables at Step 13d

Saltash Employment Evidence Base report

Cornwall Employment Site Study for Saltash

Saltash Transport Evidence Base Report

·         Appendix A – Base Year Traffic Maps
·         Appendix B – Town Model Report
·         Appendix C – Methodology
·         Appendix D – Transport Strategy
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