Deliveries of questionnaires to households has now completed. We distributed questionnaires to as many households as we could reach, a total of 6,764 in all, which involved walking 96 miles in 49 hours spread over three weeks!

If you didn’t get one (some were inaccessible or very remote) please let us know and we will ensure that one is sent in the post.


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  1. With regard to the proposed development at Middle Pill I am concerned that this development will have a considerable negative impact on the amenity of the residents of Saltash. Loss of green space close to the urban area of Saltash and the river Tamar must be avoided as there is sufficient land suitable for development on the periphery of the town that will not impact so dramatically on the visual,leisure and logistical amenity of Saltash residents. Pressure of traffic on the North Road/Ferry Road junction at peak times is already over capacity with traffic turning into North Road from Saltmill and the China Fleet Club blocking eastbound (waterside) traffic on Ferry Road/North Road. It is difficult to see what improvements could be made to this junction to cope with traffic from an additional 85 homes using the Salt Mill road. Salt Mill/Pill is one of few green spaces left for the enjoyment of Saltash residents and visitors. Our council must resist the comercial pressures of urban development in order to protect and maintain the valued amenity of this area.
    The proposed development at Middle Pill does not provide for any additional infrastructure. This will put more pressure on already stretched services such as schools and health centres. Urban development of this area will most definitley not be in the interests of the residents of Saltash.

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